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Our Story

United Worship Center Church of God (VPA), as it is known today, started in the Spring of 1976 on New York Boulevard, Queens, now known as Guy R. Brewer Boulevard, under the leadership of Bishop Robert Comas.  Then called The New York Boulevard. The New York Boulevard Church of God consisted of eight (8) adults and fifteen (15) children. They worshiped at that location until October of 1978, after which they relocated to Hempstead Avenue, Queens Village, New York.

From 1979 to 1983, the congregation grew and was blessed with the opportunity to purchase a building.  Although the churches income did not support this, the faithful and believing members moved by faith and in December of 1983, purchased a building at 223-07 Hempstead Ave in Queens Village. 

 With the congregation growing and the quest to build a larger edifice, in 2004 the church moved to the Democratic Club located at 197-01 Linden Boulevard, St. Albans. Due to a series of unfavorable events with the contractors, the church was forced to remain at that location but was still proactive in seeking out ways to achieve its goal.  During this process, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Queens Village Church of God was renamed “Victory Pentecostal Assembly Church of God”. 

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In September 2018, Bishop Robert Comas officially started a pre-retirement process and Pastor Hiram Claudio and First Lady Lori Claudio were appointed as Interim pastoral leaders.  Bishop Comas officially retired November 1, 2018. While diligently working to obtaining a building, the officials for the Democratic Club, needed the use of their building and requested that we find a new location.  In February 2019, Pastor Hiram, with the assistance of the members of the church, were able to obtain a new location at 194-18 120th Street, St. Albans, and were able to make a quick transition. 

In March 2019 Bishop Patrick AG Philips and First Lady Rev Marilyn Phillips were appointed as the Pastoral leaders. They have taken the baton and seek to continue and expand the work begun by Bishop Comas.  

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