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Our Ministries

At Victory Pentecostal Assembly Church of God, we believe in serving our community through a range of ministries that cater to people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you're looking for youth programs, Bible studies, or outreach ministries, we have something for everyone. Our goal is to help each individual grow in their faith and find meaningful ways to serve others, both inside and outside of the church. Come join us as we work together to make a positive impact in our community and beyond.

A1 Youth Ministry 

Welcome to the A1 youth ministry at Victory Pentecostal Assembly Church of God! Our mission is to strengthen our youth spiritually, mentally, and socially by creating a safe and uplifting environment where they feel loved and supported by their leaders and peers. We are committed to inspiring our youth to grow deeper in the Word and in prayer, as we help them navigate the challenges of life with faith and grace. Come join us as we cultivate a generation of strong, courageous, and faithful young people who are empowered to make a difference in the world!

Meetings Every Friday 7:30pm in Person

Ladies Ministry

Welcome to the Ladies Department at Victory Pentecostal Assembly Church of God! We are a community of women who are passionate about growing in our faith, supporting one another, and making a positive impact in our families and community. Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where women can come together to encourage one another, share their experiences, and deepen their relationship with Christ. We offer a range of events and activities, including Chooseday, social gatherings, and outreach projects, all designed to help women connect, grow, and serve together. Whether you're a young woman just starting out or a seasoned veteran of life, we invite you to join us as we seek to become the women that God has called us to be!

Mens Ministry 

Welcome to the Men's Department at Victory Pentecostal Assembly Church of God! We are a group of men who are dedicated to growing in our faith, serving our families and community, and building meaningful relationships with one another. Our goal is to encourage and support men in all stages of life, as we strive to live out the principles of Christ in our daily lives. Whether it's through fellowship events, or outreach projects, we believe that every man has a unique role to play in advancing the Kingdom of God. Come join us as we seek to become the men that God has called us to be, and make a difference in the world around us!

Evangelism Ministry

Welcome to the Evangelism Department at Victory Pentecostal Assembly Church of God! Our mission is to love and bring people to Jesus Christ by ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of those in and around our community, as we seek to enhance the Kingdom of God. We are committed to sharing the Good News of salvation with boldness and compassion, as we reach out to the lost and hurting with the love of Christ. Whether through street evangelism, outreach events, or personal relationships, we believe that everyone deserves to hear the message of hope and redemption found in Jesus Christ. Come join us as we share the love of Christ and make an eternal impact in the lives of those around us!

Sunday School Ministry

Welcome to Victory Pentecostal Assembly Church of God's Sunday School program! We offer classes for all ages where you can grow in your faith, deepen your knowledge of the Bible, and learn about the Kingdom of God. Our classes are specifically designed to meet the needs of each age group, from toddlers to adults. Whether you're a parent looking to instill strong values in your children, a young adult seeking guidance, or a senior looking to deepen your understanding of the Bible, we have a class for you. Join us each Sunday as we explore the Word of God together and build lasting relationships that will strengthen our faith for years to come!

Classes Every Sunday 11:00am in Person

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